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The questions isn't "wtf was my password again?". The question is Named after the moon or the moon named after us?

The Story(beginning)

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The Story(beginning) Empty The Story(beginning)

Post by Kaboo on Thu Jun 14, 2018 5:56 pm

The world is coming out of an ice age, for thousands of years creatures have huddled in caves, barely surviving the cold. All creatures that had lived there are gone. Nothing survived. Even though there was nothing left alive on the planet, that didn't mean there weren't creatures near it. Since the beginning of the Ice Age, there were aliens, the Xea, orbiting it. When the Xea saw that the planet was recovering, they decided that they would place creatures onto it, and use those creatures to build cities and power sources.
After three species were placed on the planet - hundreds or thousands of each - The Xea let them set to work creating a livable world. As the ice melted, the planets' one large continent had divided into 17 islands, with caves and lost cities waiting to be discovered. But after some time, the dominant species, the Xwarin started finding remnants of life, too new to be from the old world. There must be something - or someone - still out there. Alive and well.

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